Join us August 1: APEX Project Launch Event

We are hosting a special evening with a guest speaker, facilitated breakout discussions, interactive art exhibit, and presentation of youth research projects on issues of educational inequity in Hamilton County. Please join us August 1, 5:30-8:00 p.m., at Bessie Smith Hall. Dinner is provided. The event is free and open to all, but space is limited so registration is required. Details >

In many ways, Hamilton County is a Southern success story of reinvention, innovation, and change. But not every child in our community today gets the education they need to ensure they can share in our community’s prosperity. Inequities across the school system remain a great untackled issue for our community. The time is now to turn this problem around to achieve universal excellence for all students!

A child’s chances for success shouldn’t be dictated by which school they attend, yet issues of inequity in our community today create greatly varied futures for students. These issues include school zoning, concentrated poverty, sub-par buildings, lack of advanced class offerings, ineffective discipline practices, lack of access to technology, high absentee rates, and graduates unprepared for work and life.

The “Action Plan for Educational Excellence,” or APEX, Project will ensure a brilliant future for all students in our community by putting equity at the forefront of conversations and decision making.

The goals are to create a plan that addresses these inequities and fight to see that plan implemented. The public will identify the changes it wants to see through facilitated conversations (EdTalks). Those changes will be matched with best practice research to identify solutions that create real impact for Hamilton County. The Project’s steering committee will drive the creation of a policy specific to our community’s unique needs and issues.

After policy solutions are identified, UnifiEd will work with the school board, county commission, and HCDE administration to adopt these community-led policy changes by the end of 2018. The implementation of this policy will ensure all students, regardless of background or zip code, will have access to an excellent education.

Get Involved!

This plan must represent the diverse experiences and ideas from across our county to be successful, so we invite all voices to be heard. How you can be involved:

  • Attend the launch event Aug. 1 – Register here
  • Attend or host an EdTalk
  • Apply to be on the APEX Steering Committee
  • Donate to support this project