The solutions below are categorized by the groups that can take action to implement them. There are an equal number of solutions per group because every individual and entity shares responsibility for ensuring a great education to every child in this community.

Elected Officials

  • Funds should be provided to make all school facilities safe and healthy learning spaces, and there must be a long-term plan to keep them that way.
  • There should be funding to recruit, support, and keep the best teachers.

Hamilton County Department of Education administration and leadership

  • Teaching and programs should provide personalized support, especially to those with special needs and minority identities (like English-language learners and LGBTQ+ students).
  • A plan should be developed to end socioeconomic and racial segregation in schools.


  • Students and teachers should have a voice in the issues that matter to them to support better relationships and engagement.
  • Students mental and emotional health needs should be supported.

Community Members

  • Community members should demand the end of socioeconomic and racial segregation in our schools.
  • Parents and community members should embrace opportunities to support schools and children.

Community Organizations

  • Mentoring, field trips, and early childhood education initiatives should be expanded.
  • Local organizations and businesses should support and provide resources to our schools.


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