The APEX Project’s steering committee has represented the diverse identities and experiences of our community and served as accountability and leadership oversight throughout the project.

More than 2,650 community members identified issues of inequity across the Hamilton County public school system and envisioned solutions to those problems through a public survey period.

A team of researchers analyzed the survey responses to identify the 25 most commonly cited issues and solutions. Those solutions were made into an interactive voting experience, outfitted in a little red school bus, and toured around Hamilton County to public spaces for two weeks. Nearly 1,500 community members voted on their top priorities among the 25 solutions originally identified by the community.

The 10 highest prioritized solutions (below) now form the basis of the APEX Policy Platform. Take action to help ensure each of these solutions is implemented by the many decision makers and stakeholders impacting our schools – join one of the APEX Action Teams!

Downloadable version of the APEX Project Pocket Guide >