Support our community’s students:
Understand school funding. Take action to improve it.

We love Hamilton County schools! We love the students who are the future of our community, and we love the hard work teachers put in every day in our classrooms. Truly loving something, though, means supporting it to be the best it can possibly be.

Our actions as a community haven’t demonstrated our love of our schools because we haven’t insisted that they have all the resources they need to help students excel. We haven’t held our elected officials accountable to the value of prioritizing children’s futures by providing necessary funds to give every child in Hamilton County equitable opportunity at a great education.

Many necessary programs, teaching positions, facilities, and technology remain under- or unfunded. To show our love for Hamilton County schools, we must show our county’s elected officials what really matters to us.

UnifiEd calls for the School Board, County Mayor, and County Commission to approve a budget with increased operating funds for our schools and to provide a multi-year capital expansion and maintenance plan.

Take action!

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How to share your voice: Your guide to support school funding

1. Understand the budget and what the school system has requested.

2. Contact your elected officials. Here are tools to make it easy.

Send a letter

Flood their mailboxes! Write a letter to your officials, or go here to download and print a letter stating your support for increased school funding. Just sign your name and mail it, or add a personalized note telling your officials why this issue matters to you. 

Make a call

Go here for instructions and suggested phone script if you’d like help knowing what to say when calling your elected officials.

Send an email

Flood their inboxes! Send an email to your officials. Go here to get suggested text to copy and paste into an email. Just click send, or customize the text to explain why school funding is important to you.

Show up

Come to the school board meeting on April 20 at 5:30 p.m.! The board needs to see the individuals in our community who support increased school funding. UnifiEd will be there to help organize attendees at the meeting and unite our voices! Get meeting details.

Find your elected officials & contact info

Key dates: The budget approval process

April 20: School board votes on the 2017-18 school year budget. Contact your school board member, county commissioner, and the county mayor BEFORE April 20 to help influence this first key vote in the budgeting process.

Around June 8: The mayor will propose a county budget to the commission that includes the school-board-approved schools budget and funds for school facilities sometime between June 1-8. The commission will then vote on the mayor’s proposed budget.

Contact your county commissioner and the county mayor BEFORE June 1 to help influence the mayor’s budget proposal to include increased funding for schools.

June 15: The county will vote on the mayor’s proposed budget sometime between June 8 and June 30. Contact your county commissioner BEFORE June 15 to help influence this final vote that will determine the funds available to our schools next year.

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