Take action on school funding:
Make a call!

Call your county commissioner! Keep it brief and clearly state that you want them to prioritize funding for public education in Hamilton County.

If you’d like help on what to say, here’s a suggested script:

Hi, my name is ___________________________, I live in ________________, and I support prioritizing funding for public schools in Hamilton County. I believe that every child in our community deserves a great education, and that includes access to all the resources they need to be successful.

I also want to see our education dollars well spent. That’s why I’m asking you to commit to creating a long-term budget and plan to address our schools’ maintenance issues and need for new school buildings.

I’m calling on you today because I want you to revise the mayor’s proposed budget to increase funding for our schools. Thank you for your support to fund Hamilton County’s future.

* Feel free to add a brief explanation of why funding public schools is important to you personally!


Who is my commissioner?

Find out who your commissioner is and get their full contact information.