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What is UnifiEd's Public School Guide?

UnifiEd’s Public School Guide¬†provides students, parents, teachers, and community members with information about each public school in Hamilton County. Each report card provides up-to-date information on student body make-up, achievement data, per-pupil spending, course offerings, and contact information for local representatives in each district.

We’ve spent over 2 years putting the videos together for the Public School Guide, so we wanted to take a quick moment to introduce them with this video!

What We Looked For
Student Body Make-up

This section of the Guide paints a picture of what each school’s population looks like. It provides information on socioeconomic and racial diversity, student enrollment numbers, school feeder patterns, and per-pupil spending.

Academic Achievement

Each Guide provides information on student academic achievement and growth over time. It includes information on Reading and Math proficiency, TVAAS scores, high school graduation rates, and college/career readiness rates based on ACT benchmarks.

Class Offerings

Public schools across the county provide different opportunities for their students. This section will provide information on AP course offerings, International Baccalaureate options, JROTC programs, and Exceptional Education offerings for students with special needs.

Contact Information

Each Guide provides contact information for the public school, district’s board member and county commissioner so you can keep in touch and let them know what you want to see in our Hamilton County public schools.

School enrollment numbers, racial diversity, economic diversity, math proficiency, reading proficiency, TVAAS scores, college and career readiness, and graduation rates were all collected from publicly available data from the TN Department of Education.


Per-pupil spending was collected from data released by Metro Ideas Project’s report on¬†Hamilton County School Spending.

Data pertaining to pre-k availability, exceptional education offerings, and classroom offerings including AP classes, the International Baccalaureate program, and vocational programs were provided by the Hamilton County Department of Education.