Why are we making videos?

Over the past year, we have compiled research on each Hamilton County public school to ensure a more transparent school system and engaged community. But we know numbers aren’t everything. Each school has a unique climate with its own successes, projects, and exciting things happening that the numbers just don’t illustrate. We want to share the full story with the community and give the students, teachers, and administrators the chance to show what they love most about their schools.

Meet the Team

Rob Winslow


“I was these kids 10 years ago. They deserve everything that this community has to offer.”

A Chattanooga native and product of Hamilton County schools, Rob had the incredible opportunity to travel the world as a documentary filmmaker before returning to Chattanooga. He has been the leader of the Southern Dialogue series and has been extensively covering Hamilton County schools for the past 2 years.

Katie Smith

Project Coordinator

“I want to be well informed since I have 2 kids in the system, and I want to make it easier on other parents.”

A Chattanooga native, Katie was the product of Hamilton County schools, inspiring her to advocate on their behalf. As a mother of two daughters and living in District 4, she is actively involved in Battle Academy and currently serves as the finance chair of her local PTA. She received the Causeway Grant to help develop a public school guide and partnered with UnifiEd.

Ashley Conrad

Director of Policy and Research

Students are the heart of our work. They deserve a community of change agents working to create the best education system possible.

Originally from Tennessee, Ashley spent 2 years in the Philippines completing her Peace Corps service and graduate degree before moving to Chattanooga. With a passion for civic engagement and equity work, she joined the UnifiEd team in 2014 and created the Hamilton County Public School Guide.

John “J” Adams


“I genuinely believe education begets opportunity and opportunity begets success.”

A Chattanooga transplant originally from New Orleans, J is a husband, father, and accomplished Photographer and Videographer. With one son, he wants the public school system to be the best it can be for his child and all Hamilton County children.

Join Us

Share your school’s story! This is a large undertaking and we are excited to be partnering with the school district on this project. If you would like to become involved in the project, please provide your information below and we will reach out to you directly. Thank you for your support!