Our community's vision.
UnifiEd's mission.

When UnifiEd was founded in 2014, we spent months talking to thousands of Hamilton County residents to get their input on how to ensure a great public education for every child. Your feedback shaped a four-point vision for what great public schools look like for our community. Achieving that vision is UnifiEd’s mission!

point_1_page_numberEnsuring There is a Great Teacher in Every Classroom.


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    • Great teachers nurture great students. Investments in our educators pay off exponentially for our children.

    • Give teachers the resources they need. We believe that teachers need access to the best training and tools to be successful in the classroom.

    • Invest in leaders. We know teachers are already decision-makers and change-makers. Hamilton County should invest in the teachers, classrooms, schools, and community.

    • We need more talented teachers in the Tennessee Valley. We need to recruit great teachers from excellent universities and support them when we get them here.



point_2_page_numberAchieving Universal Excellence by Guaranteeing Equal Opportunity to All Students.


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    • An excellent education should not be limited to an elite few. Too often, income and zip code prevent students from attending a great public school. Hamilton County should develop a plan by 2020 to reduce the rate of concentrated poverty in our schools.

    • Create strong foundations for every student. We will work to ensure all children enter public school ready to learn.

    • Support the whole student. We will work to promote partnerships between the school system, government agencies, and other local organizations to provide support services.

    • Reward hard work. We believe that teachers who take on the challenge of working in a high-needs school should be rewarded for taking risks and investing in students who need the most support.


point_3_page_numberBuild Community Support for Public Schools by Increasing Transparency and Accountability.

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    • Transparency is a necessity. The school board should not only put documents online for parents to review, but encourage them to attend meetings and give input. We believe politicians make better decisions when they are informed by parents, students, and the community they were elected to serve.

    • See the budget. County taxpayers invest more than $400 million a year in our public schools— we want the school system budget to be easily available online for everyone to see.

    • Know where we’re going. We believe that the school board needs to set clear short-term and long-term goals for its schools, and that progress should be reported on as well as be made available online.

    • Be reliable. We feel that the school board should set standards for its own performance based on transparency, accountability, and engagement. It should also provide self-assessments of its performance.



Prioritize Funding for Public Schools.

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    • Align the budget to fund our schools. We believe the county mayor and commission should work together to cut waste from the county budget and use those funds to make education the top priority.

    • Funding education is funding our future. We see a sustainable, strategic financial plan as key to achieving long-term change. We support the county and school board in establishing a 5-year, measurable plan that connects money to results.

    • We all have responsibility for supporting our schools.