UnifiEd is fighting to ensure every child in Hamilton County has access to equitable and excellent public schools, and our community is working every day to make that happen. Join us!

Your financial contribution will help sustain our work, so a donation of any amount will make you a member. But, we know not everyone is able to donate, so there’s also a path to membership by volunteering with us.

Two Paths to Membership

Your financial contribution helps cover expenses like:

•  Stipends for student organizers

•  APEX Action Teams and community forums

•  Community engagement and outreach materials

•  Our office lights and toilet paper!


Volunteer opportunities include:

•  Working on an APEX Action Team on equity initiatives

•  Representing UnifiEd at community events

•  Making phone calls to promote events or programs


Member Benefits

• A voice in UnifiEd’s direction and goals! (Vote on – and be eligible to be on – a steering committee and reserved Board of Directors seats.)

• Annual meeting and members-only events

• Member news and updates 

Who are UnifiEd members?

Parents, teachers, students, grandparents, school administrators, community and faith leaders, retirees, and neighbors. Not all have kids in public schools today, but all believe in sharing responsibility for the future of our community.

Why join?

Because you believe every child deserves a great public education, and you’re ready to take action to make that happen!

What’s new about this program?

UnifiEd’s success so far has relied on the participation of the community. Thousands across Hamilton County have engaged with UnifiEd, taken action, and shared input on the change they want to see in our schools. The new membership program is an intentional shift from community members supporting or participating in our organization to having ownership and voice in our direction and goals.

Through the soon-to-be-created UnifiEd membership steering committee, the seats on the Board of Directors reserved for members, and the other benefits outlined above, our goal is greater community accountability and deeper leadership in our organization and work.