Funding and Budgeting

Action Team Goal:

There should be funding to recruit, support, and keep the best teachers.

All are welcome to join us for upcoming meetings:

Tuesday, October 9 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM (location TBA)

Tuesday, November 13 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM (location TBA)

Meeting 4 Recap

  • Before the 4th meeting, members of the team met with several leaders at HCDE focused on teacher recruitment, support, and retention in order to understand their current funding needs

  • The team reviewed what was learned from HCDE leaders and discussed what funding initiative would be the most impactful for student achievement

  • After small group discussions, the team decided to focus on more funding for teacher pay and benefits as well as funding for increased teacher mentorship and professional development opportunities

Meeting 3 Recap

  • Identified questions for central office staff responsible for recruiting, supporting, and retaining our best teachers

  • Brainstormed possible project ideas that would include an opportunity to hold focus groups with teachers to understand their needs better

Meeting 2 Recap

  • Learned about the BEP formula

  • Discussed the difference between state level funding responsibility and local level funding responsibility

  • Explored different areas of the Budget Working Group proposal released last spring

Meeting 1 Recap

  • Participants shared their experience, both personal and political, with county funding patterns

  • The group determined opportunities and challenges we will face trying to increase funding potential to recruit, support, and retain the best teachers for our public schools

Next Steps:

  • The team will set up meetings with principals, teachers, and students to gauge interest in a video project and school exchange experience.