Community Engagement and Empowerment

Action Team Goal:

Parents and community members should embrace opportunities to support schools and children.

All are welcome to join us for upcoming Meetings:

Tuesday, October 2 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM (UnifiEd offices, 1609 McCallie Ave.)

Tuesday, November 13 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM (location TBA)

Meeting 4 Recap

  • The team spent the first half of the meeting crafting project ideas around the subject of increasing parent engagement

  • Participants underwent a voting and workshopping process to narrow down project ideas. The 3 project ideas discussed were:

    • supporting the community school model

    • creating a parent-needs-based class

    • training front office staff and liaison staff to better engage parents and create a welcoming environment in schools

  • The group felt more discussion and input from parents was needed before narrowing scope of project

Meeting 3 Recap

  • Participants discussed multiple current community efforts to more effectively engage parents in our schools, including Parent University, community school strategies, and community engagement specialists

  • Participants explored how the group can build upon current programming to increase parent involvement and support in schools

Meeting 2 Recap

  • Participants determined ways in which parents and community members can currently be involved in schools, including opportunities and challenges associated with both

  • Group members analyzed approaches from the following best practice approaches and research

    • Parent University

    • community organizing strategies with parents across the country

    • community schools models for engaging parents

    • connecting businesses, churches, and local organizations to schools

Meeting 1 Recap

  • Participants discussed what community engagement and empowerment would look like

  • Identified what successful community and parental engagement looks like for Hamilton County schools

  • The group determined the opportunities and challenges faced in ensuring parents and community members are embracing opportunities to support schools and children

Next Steps:

UnifiEd staff will be contacting the team in the coming weeks to determine a project focus based on what was discussed in this meeting.