What We've Accomplished

We’ve been hard at work in the community since we started in 2014. Here’s some of the things we’ve done!

Ensuring a Great Teacher in Every Classroom

Equal Opportunity for All Students

  • Facilitated Red Bank High becoming first community school in Hamilton County

  • Sent community leaders to Knox County community schools to collect best practice research

  • Helped establish a community school coalition

  • HCDE has hired two more community school coordinators for Opportunity Zone schools and is developing a plan to expand.


  • Organized diverse steering committee of 27 representatives from across Hamilton County to act as organizers, neighborhood leaders, and the voice of the community throughout the community input and action plan development process.

  • Collected 2,600 surveys regarding inequities across the school system from community members.

  • Engaged more than 1,300 community members through the APEX Bus Tour to crowdsource equity solution priorities.

  • Matched best practice research with community priorities to tackle inequities and published an APEX Project Report.


Increasing Transparency and Accountability

  • Three policy reforms adopted to increase public participation in decisions affecting our schools

  • Created tool that compiles data and information on each of our 79 public schools.

  • Created a Public School Guide Video for every school highlighting its unique character and accomplishments.

  • Hosted Video Launch Block Party with more than 400 community members celebrating that “We <3 Hamilton County Schools!”


Prioritize Funding for Public Schools

  • More than 2,500 community members contacted their elected representatives urging them to prioritize education in the county budget.


  • Implemented the new bullying and harassment policy for HCDE

  • Served as organizers in 15 high schools and engaged with more than 700 students. Identified an opportunity at CSAS for a “Life Skills” day for students, which was implemented in 2017.

  • Superintendent Conversations

    • Ten community conversations held in each of the nine districts

    • Produced four community-led recommendations for public involvement in superintendent search process

  • School Board Candidate Debates

    • 100% candidate participation

    • More than 600 community members attended

  • Community Voice in Superintendent Search

    • Call for Resignation

    • Over 200 residents contacted representatives in support of a comprehensive community input plan

  • Advocacy and Organizing Training

    • As of January 2018, the Building Power for Change workshop series has trained nearly 100 community members in educational equity, historical perspectives on local public education, and grassroots organizing.

    • Hosted more than 85 EdTalks (small group community discussions on school funding and equity) (May – November 2017)