Who We Are

Founded in June of 2014, UnifiEd is a community-led movement of parents, teachers, and citizens who want every student in Chattanooga to have the chance to attend great public schools. We believe that if Chattanoogans are informed about how to help teachers and students, given the training and tools to advocate for them, and encouraged to unite our voices – we can create real and lasting change. Together, we can ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn, grow, thrive, and prosper.

What We Do

We empower individuals, families, teachers, and administrators to get involved, take action, and support community leaders who make education a priority. Whether it’s organizing a roundtable to get teachers talking about what they need to be successful, or giving community leaders access to data and tools to advocate for their school we work with everyone to have their voices heard. We empower students to work together to identify their own issues in their schools and their school system and advocate for lasting change. We have two high school student organizers on staff that work solely with their fellow students to raise student voice in decision making. We are committed to working with teachers to raise teacher voice in policy making decisions and processes. We have a teacher organizer that focuses on incorporating teacher voice in all of UnifiEd’s work and equipping educators with the tools they need to advocate for themselves. UnifiEd also serves as a hub of information about what’s happening within our school system. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get up-to-the-minute reports on what’s on the agenda during Board of Education and County Commission meetings, giving you a direct line into the policy and budget changes that affect our students. We supply the facts, you help to make the change.

Meet The Team

Jonas Barriere, Executive Director


Ashley Conrad, Director of Policy and Research


Natalie Cook, Communications Director


Michelle Dunn, Director of Educator Empowerment


Keely Gilliland, Director of Operations


S. Prescott Harris II, Organizing Director


Matt Johnson, Director of Student Engagement


Alexa C. LeBoeuf, Director of Community Outreach and Design


Paul Norman, Director of Organizational Development


Alea Tveit, Research Assistant

D’Andre Anderson, Student Organizer


De'Shayla Moore Caldwell, Student Organizer

De’Shayla Moore Caldwell, Student Organizer


Tyrese Jones, Student Organizer


Mikaila Rummage, Student Organizer


Cyrus Salazar, Student Organizer


Avery Simmons, Student Organizer



Katie Stiffler, Student Organizer


Kalena Rodriguez, Student Organizer


Meet The Board

Wonjen Bagely

Marcellus Barnes

Wayne Brown

David Eichenthal

Dr. Joyce Hardaway

Alison Lebovitz

Miranda Perez

Edna Varner

Justin Wilkins

Jeffrey Wilson