It’s time for an end-of-year recap of the work 100+ community members have been doing through the APEX Action Teams throughout 2018! The five teams have each created plans for a different initiative that they will launch in 2019 focused on equity in our schools.

“Community Engagement & Empowerment” APEX Action Team

To increase parent engagement in schools, this team will pilot a parent workshop series with various engagement activities, knowledge building, and trainings based on parents’ and students’ needs. Details & next steps >

“Funding Our Future” APEX Action Team

To illustrate inequities of funding across schools in our county, this team plans to work with pilot schools to facilitate and document an exchange day between schools in different neighborhoods. This team also plans to create an educational tool for the community about funding needs and the school budget. Details & next steps >

“Racial & Socioeconomic Desegregation” APEX Action Team

In order to increase community awareness of the impacts of school segregation, this team is developing a program that combines cultural competency training with a storytelling campaign. Several community members will receive training in anti-racism, history, and current statistics around local desegregation and equity issues before creating a curriculum for workshops they will take into the community. Details & next steps >

“Supporting the People in our Schools” APEX Action Team

In order to give students a voice in issues that matter to them and build engagement, this team is piloting a “Student Voice Ambassador” program Lookout Valley Middle High. Led largely by a LVMHS student who has been an active member of the team, this program will give students a structured way to share input with school leadership. Details & next steps >

“Supporting the Whole Child” APEX Action Team

In order to better support students’ mental and emotional health, this team is working to create a workshop focused on restorative justice, emotional health, and trauma-informed practices while incorporating the arts. A team of community members, including youth, will be trained by experts in these fields to assist with shaping the workshop and training facilitators to deliver this program once complete. They hope to pilot the program in the East Chattanooga area. Details & next steps >

Participatory design project

Representatives from each of the APEX Action Teams are currently working with local artists to create a video and other materials that highlight their experience collaborating with the community throughout 2018 to plan the equity-focused initiatives launching or being piloted in early 2019. Stay tuned for an event invite to hear more about this work!

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