The full May 18, 2017 school board meeting was recorded – watch the video here

Awards and Recognitions

  • HCDE Chief Academic Officer Jill Levine recognized Hamilton County High School teacher Rachel Turner for receiving the Outstanding Humanities Educators Award.
  • Colonel Tom McConnell recognized JROTC cadets and units with exceptional academic achievements and scholarship awards. The cadets recognized received scholarship awards totaling $4.5 million.
  • Margaret Abernathy from the Exceptional Education Department announced the renaming of the PALS Center to the Amy Piazza PALS Center in honor of the devoted late teacher Amy Piazza.
  • Cathy Jennings, the 2017 Southeast Regional Coordinator for RN School Health, was recognized by Sheryl Fletcher for her work to promote student health and wellness.


  • Dan Liner from Hamilton County Educators Association recognized the celebration of teachers in the month of May
  • Tennessee State Representative JoAnne Favors spoke on behalf of the delegation representing the community of the five schools being considered for a “partnership zone” within the school district. She stated that the there is not sufficient data to support moving forward with a partnership zone and suggested it could be a civil rights issue to do so due to de facto segregation of these majority African-American schools. Favors called for the board to postpone commiting to a partnership zone for at least one year in order to gather more data and involve the community in the discussion. She announced the creation of the Chattanooga Public School Coalition, which is currently organizing to address the partnership zone debate on behalf of the community.

The April 20 board meeting minutes were approved, as was the consent agenda.

Several field trips were approved. Board member Rhonda Thurman raised concern that no administrators were scheduled to be on these overnight trips and suggested exploration of a policy modification that would require an administrator be present on every overnight field trip.

Campus report

Superintendent selection process and plan – A plan and timeline was proposed and adopted for narrowing the list of superintendent candidates and making a final selection. A community involvement component calls for community forums with each finalist candidate when they are in town for final interviews. View the full plan here

Chairman Highlander said Coleman Lew (search firm) indicated the board should not expect reference letters to be entirely candid as they are open to public record.

Board member Karitsa Jones advocated for having a standardized list of questions for candidates in finalist interviews.

The board voted to table the vote of a contract related to contract bus drivers due to changes in the contract language related to driver penalties following the board’s review and discussion.

Board attorney Scott Bennett presented a revision to the board’s remote participation policy. The board voted to allow board members to participate in meetings electronically if unable to be physically present up to two times per school year.