The school board voted at its May 18, 2017 meeting to adopt a “working roadmap” for the process and timeline for the selection of a new school superintendent by mid-June 2017. 

UnifiEd has called for a plan for more than a year that involves the community and is pleased that the adopted plan includes:

  • Community forums with each finalist candidate, and
  • Suggested meetings in each district for constituents to share feedback on the candidates with their Board Member.

The board agreed that the plan is subject to change as necessary and appropriate. Chairman Highlander will appoint at least three board members to lead the implementation of this roadmap.

Superintendent Selection Process

May 22 – First-round interviews via Skype are completed.

May 23 – Reference packets available for review by Board.

May 25 – Board will deliberate and vote on top 5 candidates. 5 candidates will be chosen with weighted scores. Top 5
lists will be provided in alphabetical order with each mention receiving one point. If there is a tie for
the fifth position, a ballot will be taken with just the two final candidates.

May 25 – June 5 – Community meetings are suggested for Board Members to hear from constituents. Handout on each of the
Top 5 will be provided. (The decision whether to hold a meeting, and its planning and logistics, are up to individual Board member.)

June 5 – 9 – Finalist candidates travel to Chattanooga for face-to-face interviews and community forums.

Proposed Components of the Daily Schedule
• 90-minute session with the full Board. If the Board desires to work from a unified set of questions, then
a process needs to be determined to identify the questions.
• Following that session, the candidate will be available to meet with individual Board members. Suggest
20 minutes.
• Candidates will visit two schools for a prearranged meeting with principals, teachers, parents, students
and community stakeholders from the site of the school and schools in the surrounding area.
• Candidates will take part in a meet-and-greet session with elected officials and advocacy group
leadership. A group should be identified to host these sessions.
• Candidates participate in a Community Forum for 90 minutes. All community members are invited to
attend. It is recommended that the events be hosted by a central organization (i.e. Hamilton County
PTA), and not the School Board. Locations for the forums will be decided by the Board while the hosting
organization will be responsible for planning the event, soliciting questions, asking questions and
moderating onsite Q&A. A media availability will take place for 20 minutes before the Forum.
• The 90-minute session with the Board and the Community Forums will be live streamed and available
for the public to watch via the system’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

June 15 – School Board deliberates and selects the new superintendent. Ballots will be taken until one
candidate receives a minimum of five votes.