The June 16th School Board Meeting began with a unanimous vote to accept a $4.5 million offer for the sale of East Brainerd Elementary. HCDE will see a $4,140,000 net gain from the property sale.

The meeting continued with a recognition of UnifiEd’s own D’Andre Anderson as the newest student School Board Member. In the spirit of recognizing student excellence, the School Board honored Ella, a second grade student at Allen Elementary for winning the State Department of Education Essay Contest. Ella wrote her essay in honor of her teacher Mrs. Russel who instilled her love for reading. Ella won a $400 scholarship for her future college endeavors and $400 for Mrs. Russell’s school materials.

The board unanimously voted to approve all field trips, business and finance, and human resources proposals. A more detailed description of the approved proposals can be found here. The Revised Board policies on nepotism, nonrenewal, sick leave, and solicitations were also unanimously approved.

The Community Eligibility Provision for the School Nutrition Program, that serves free breakfast and lunch to schools in need, cut back seven schools for the 2016-2017 school year. The board voted in favor (7-2) of accepting the grant with the school cuts.  

The school board closed with a unanimous approval of the Memorandum of Understanding for the Mechatronics Academy. The Mechatronics Academy is a partnership between HCDE, State Community College, and Volkswagen that provides students with vocational opportunities.