Last night, the School Board voted to elect a new Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Tennessee Legislative Network (TNL) Representative. Donna Horn and Jonathan Welch were nominated for Chairman. Jonathan Welch was elected to replace George Ricks as the new Chairman with a 6-3 vote. Donna Horn and David Testerman were nominated for Vice Chairman. Donna Horn was re-elected as the Vice Chairman with a 5-4 vote and David Testerman was re-elected as the TNL Representative with a 9-0 vote.

School Board Members discussed the the appropriation of funds for new computers which will fill requirements for students taking the new TNReady standardized tests at the end of the school year. They also discussed the need for additional teaching and assistant principal positions after collecting the 10 day and 20 day enrollment numbers from public schools.

The last topic discussed was the decision to go forward with hiring a structural engineer to inspect school stadiums at six area high schools. The vote was a result of continued discussion surrounding the recent condemnation of East Ridge High School’s Stadium. This vote will allocate $10,000 for inspections and allow the district to prepare a timeline for repair.  The School Board Members did not disclose the other six schools included in the inspection, but Lookout Valley High, Hixson High, The Howard School, Ooltewah High, and Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences were on previous lists.  Superintendent Rick Smith suggested the demolition of East Ridge’s stadium happen in December after football season is over. The School Board has scheduled a Facilities Meeting for October 15 at 5pm at the Department of Education to discuss next steps for stadium improvements.

The School Board voted unanimously to approve everything in the consent agenda. For more information, read the latest edition of our School Board Watch Blog.