My name is Alea Tveit, and I am the newly assigned Public Policy Research Fellow working at UnifiEd. I came to work at UnifiEd through the Eichenthal Fellows program which was founded in 2013 by David Eichenthal. Each year the fellowship provides two college students with the opportunity to work with civically engaged and publicly interested nonprofits in either Chattanooga, TN or Brooklyn, NY. The Eichenthal Fellows program lasts 10 weeks throughout the summer and provides students with professional, project-focused experience in effective organizing to address a range of community issues. To learn more about the Eichenthal Fellows program clickhere.

I plan on dedicating my life to social justice, advocacy work, and combating inequality. My goal is to eventually work with environmental justice movements, empowering community voices, and fight against environmental racism and sexism. I believe that a city that is socially based on inequality and economically based on the unregulated destruction of ecosystems is not a city that can hope to have a peaceful, healthy, and long lasting future. I believe a city must have a foundation of respect and equality to survive. This all starts with cultivating a society of understanding and education, which is why I believe so strongly in the vision and mission of UnifiEd.

Alea_Blog1I am currently a junior at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga majoring in Environmental Science with a Sociology and Anthropology concentration and minoring in Women Studies.