In December, UnifiEd launched a campaign for greater public participation and transparency in Hamilton County public schools.After campaigning for 4 months and building a strong community coalition, Hamilton County School Board voted to revise their Public Comment Policy.

During the Thursday, April 16 School Board Work Session + Meeting the board voted to revise the Public Comment Policy which will allow community members to sign up to speak 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting instead of requiring 3 days notice to address the board. The First and Second Reading of the revised policy will be up for vote during the following School Board Meetings in May and June of this year.

The current policy requires that the public submit a written request to speak before the School Board 72 hours in advance and those requests must be approved by the Hamilton County School Board’s Executive Committee. This policy is prohibitive to parents, teachers, students, and community members and limits public participation in the discussion of decisions and the formation of policies that have a direct impact on our schools.

It has been 150 days since we requested our #4simplereforms and we will continue to campaign for increased transparency and public participation in Hamilton County Public Schools.

UnifiEd’s 4 Reforms

1. Allow for public comment without 3 days notice to address the board.

2. Make the School Board Agenda available online 7 days before meetings.

3. Put the budget online in an easy to read format.

4. Live-Stream all School Board meetings.

How can you help?

Call Karitsa Mosley, Steve Highlander, Greg Martin, Jonathon Welch and George Ricks and tell them thank you for voting to increase transparency. Call Rhonda Thurman, David Testerman, Joe Galloway and Donna Horne and let them know you support our call for increased transparency. Click here for School Board Contact Info.

Thank you for your support!